DAILY WRITING- 8th grade


This painting is titled “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear” and was painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

Explain the story of why Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear… (If you don’t know it, make it up)


48 thoughts on “DAILY WRITING- 8th grade

  1. He cut off his own ear because he didn’t want to hear anything anymore, when he cut it off he realized it was a big mistake and cried. A few days later he drew this picture, realizing that cutting off body parts is bad.

  2. He heard the gun shot and saw the smoke fill the air around him. He was caught in between the enemy. He tried shoot but couldn’t see anyone, but the enemy was on a hill and saw him perfectly. So when the enemy shot he missed his heart and got his ear.

  3. It was an “accident” while in the kitchen. His ear got cold and he got it amputated. It looks just like the picture next to the 6th grade drying rack

  4. i think he might have been in a war and had a bayonet cut off his ear because his ear is kinda looks like it was bandaged from a bayonet wound.

  5. It was a dark and stormy night. and Vincent, lets call him Vinny. Vinny was out running erands just like every other friday night. When all of a sudden a man in a dark cape came up and chopped of his ear, because many years ago Vinny had killed the man in the capes beloved pet turtle.

  6. In order to heal his pet unicorn he has to chop peoples ears off and his own then glue them to this deceased unicorn Charlie.

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