DAILY WRITING- 8th grade


This watercolor technique involves adding (a substance) to your paint.

What do you think that substance is and why does this look occur?


30 thoughts on “DAILY WRITING- 8th grade

  1. I think the substance is water that made it look like that. This look occurs because when water gets put on paint, the paint spreads.

  2. It kind of looks like a sort of blue & purple frost so I’m guessing that they dripped water on it to make the paint spread out and then they let it freeze.

  3. It looks like a painting that when it is wet, someone has sprinkled salt on it and it dried with the salt on it and thats how the design was made.

  4. HIIIIIII. It looks like flowers and I love the colors together. It also looks like tie-die ~Meg Lauritsen

    It looks like the inner emotions of Vincent Van Gogh. – Andrew MacLean

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