DAILY WRITING- 7th grade


List some of the objects you can see in this MOSAIC. What message was the artist trying to convey by making this from bits of JUNK???


39 thoughts on “DAILY WRITING- 7th grade

  1. I saw some buttons and Lego pieces. I think the artist was trying to show that you can make beautiful things from seemingly useless objects.

  2. A lighter, a comb and a empty mascara bottle, and i think that the artist used these things because they we just extra stuff he/she had!!!!!! ((:

  3. I see buttons, some plastic doll accessories, also, I see beads and lego pieces. I think the artist was showing that junk is not useless, and that everything has a value.

  4. I see some Buttons Lighter Hair Brush and Legos i think this Artist Made this so you can get the message that art can be made out of anything that Everythings Beautiful no Matter what its made of.

  5. Some things I see in this art is buttons, dice, lego pieces, and a comb. I think the artists’ message that he was trying to convey is that you can make anything and everything into art and you can make it anywhere and everywhere.

  6. I think it is made of buttons, a fork, a comb, dice, bottle caps, a lighter, a sharpie, and lagos. I don’t
    know what the message is.

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