8th Grade- Extra Credit

List of Local Landscape Painters: 

Susan Orfant www.susanorfant.com

Connie Hayes www.conniehayes.com

Mary Brooking www.marybrooking.com

Caren-Marie Michel www.carenmariemichel.com

Tom Curry www.tomcurrymaineartist.com

Mallory Rich www.malloryrich.com

Matthew Russ www.matthewruss.com

Pamela Jo Ellis www.pjellisart.com

Debra Yoo www.debrayoo.com

Tim Gagnon www.timgagnon.com

Randy Eckard www.randyeckardpaintings.com

Jerry Rose www.jerryrosepaintings.com

Frank Metz www.frankmetz.com

Alice Kirkpatrick www.alicekirkpatrick.com

Jan Blencowe www.janblencowe.com

Anna Dam-Volkle www.annadamvolkle.com

Jan Blencowe www.thepoeticlandscape.com

Kathleen Daughan www.kathleendaughan.fineartstudioonline.com


-8th grade student attending Bonny Eagle Middle School

-Currently working on a landscape painting

-Finding it difficult?

-First one ever?

-Color mixing?

-We are painting in an impressionism style

-We are using acrylics on canvas

-Ask for helpful advice or words of wisdom


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