6th Grade- Silhouettes


In 6th grade we will be starting a silhouette project.

Today: you need to find an image online for a silhouette.

Silhouette can only be something you would find naturally making a silhouette.

Examples: Nature, People, Animals, Cityscapes

CANNOT Choose: a logo, a random object, a phrase


You MUST do this QUIETLY and in you’re own SEAT! 

There is NO need to look at you’re neighbors laptop!


Step 1: Go on Google Images and type in something you would like to choose. Example: You can type in “apple tree” or you can type in “apple tree silhouette”

Step 2: Click on the image you want. On the right side of your screen click the light gray box that says “View Image”.

Step 3: Drag this image onto your desktop.

Step 4: Send me an email. Open your gmail account. Click “Compose”. Put my name “Hannah Tauroney” in the “To” box. “Subject” can be anything you want. To attach your image click on the paperclip at the bottom then choose your image from your desktop.

Step 5: Send it

Step 6: Fee time


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